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Why Korean

To say that the Korean language is a popular language would be an understatement. Even if it holds an official language status only in North and South Korea, the Korean language is also widely spoken in many other countries, such as People’s Republic of China, Japan, and the United States. The viral success of the South Korean entertainment industry has transcended borders in all corners of the world, which resulted to the increasing demand among non-Koreans to learn the language.

Because of the prominence of the Korean language in several business industries, such as entertainment, retail, fashion, and tourism, it’s safe to conclude that this business language can empower your brand to become globally competitive. Delivering customer service in Korean can be a good step in widening your connections worldwide.

Who we are

Korean Call Center is an expert provider of call center support solutions to international companies that mainly cater to Korean-speaking customers. We empower our clients by equipping them with a highly customized customer service channel which they can use to reach out to new and existing customers,

Based in one of the world’s most preferable outsourcing destinations, the Philippines, Korean Call Center takes pride in the quality of services our workforce can provide. We are known for our stringent recruitment and training procedures, which allow our clients to have only the best Korean call center representatives that they can get.

What we can do

Korean Call Center can be your partner in expanding your reach to the Korean-speaking market. If you have a diverse customer base, we can help you strengthen your relationships with your Korean-speaking customers by offering customer service that can best cater to their needs.

Our customer service and technical support agents can provide support using three mediums: live chat, phone, and email. The delivery of services in Korean Call Center is always guided by the highest international BPO standards. With a multi-channel and multilingual customer support available, your brand can have a stronger foothold in any market that you choose to penetrate.

Where we can take you

Going multilingual is one great step to turn your business into a provider of amazing customer service. When you use the same language that your Korean-speaking customers prefer, you can establish a strong reputation that can be an attractive feature for prospective customers. Outsourcing to Korean Call Center can also help you gain a deeper knowledge of your target market.

Partnering with Korean Call Center can open doors to many business opportunities for you. We can give you access to high quality call center practices and resources that can make your outsourcing experience exceptional.