Why bilingual call centers must choose their agents carefully

Bilingual call centers must have all applicants undergo a rigorous pre-employment screening process, even if their resumes seem impressive. This ensures that an applicant meets the technical skills needed for a job. Ideally, your pre-hiring procedures must include interviews and written tests aimed to accurately evaluate specific customer service skill sets. This way, you can identify the applicants that will be a good fit for your vacant roles. Read more

Project management best practices for handling offshore call center teams

Entrusting your company’s customer support functions to a third-party service contact center can be difficult. Even more so for global companies whose options for outsourcing providers are mostly offshore call centers. With the challenges brought by the difference in geography, time zone, and local culture, companies fear that they might lose managerial control over their offshore functions. Read more

Answering 3 basic offshore outsourcing questions

It’s normal for companies that are unfamiliar with the concept of outsourcing to be hesitant to even consider it as a business strategy. After all, the idea that your firm’s processes and database of clients are accessible by workers that are not directly under your employment and are physically located in another office can be terrifying. On the other hand, the companies that have undertaken offshore outsourcing as a part of their actual business structure are reaping the benefits— impressive sales, expanding customer base, and improved customer satisfaction, among many others. Read more

Call center hiring tips: Where to find Korean-speaking agents

With over 80 million Korean speakers worldwide, there’s no doubt that your business must have a dedicated team of native speakers to accommodate all your clients’ concerns. Their skills can ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction that fuel your company’s success. While some Koreans can also communicate in English, most of them are still more comfortable with conversing using their own language. Read more

4 Signs that you need bilingual call center services

Each company has its own way of knowing whether or not it’s ready to go global by outsourcing bilingual call center services. Most businesses can tell by the rate of expansion they’re going through, which consequently requires them to keep up with their market’s similarly growing needs. On the other hand, some go bilingual to cut expenses, focus on core competencies, and widen accessibility. Read more

Korean call center outsourcing: Your key to transcending borders

Successfully expanding your business to a new territory takes a lot more than just setting up a branch in a new location. Customers, although curious at first, would always want to know if you can give them exceptional services. You have to show them that your brand can be trusted. Whenever they do business with you, customer support must be delivered effectively. These are only some of the challenges that you must be willing to face if you want to grow your operations. Read more