4 Signs that you need bilingual call center services

Each company has its own way of knowing whether or not it’s ready to go global by outsourcing bilingual call center services. Most businesses can tell by the rate of expansion they’re going through, which consequently requires them to keep up with their market’s similarly growing needs. On the other hand, some go bilingual to cut expenses, focus on core competencies, and widen accessibility.

While these are all logical reasons for outsourcing customer support, there are other telltale signs that say that it’s time to partner with a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm that provides quality call center services. If your business fits the following descriptions, you should consider getting language-specific solutions.


1.     International operations


Even if you specifically target Korean customers, you should think of outsourcing voice services in both Korean and English if you operate in more than one country. With South Korea’s high regard for English, it’s no longer rare for locals and expatriates to ask assistance to be delivered in this language. Having multilingual solutions let you give your market the convenience of communicating in their native tongue or other languages when reaching out to you.


2.     Global brand


Many Korean brands are quickly becoming global, making themselves some of the most recognizable household names in every market there is. You should be ready to give 24/7 assistance if your customers are widely distributed across nations with different time zones and official languages.


3.     A need to widen your market reach


If you have yet to reach a global brand status but are planning to do so, outsourcing multilingual business solutions can be your way of promoting your company to international markets. Round-the-clock availability and wide communication options can put you ahead of competitors that haven’t tapped into BPO for image-building and marketing aid.


4.     Online operations


In the same way that global brands need to provide convenient communication options, making your services available via the Internet entails flexibility that diverse online populations would demand. By making your e-commerce sites, online communities, and social networking accounts available in different languages, members can set their profiles, understand site policies, and feel comfortable leaving sensitive details in your web forms.


Seeing how the multilingual BPO sector is helping businesses widen their reach in international markets, it’s no surprise that bilingual call centers are steadily becoming in-demand. If the signs included here describe your company, you should be outsourcing to a multilingual BPO firm now.



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