Call center hiring tips: Where to find Korean-speaking agents

With over 80 million Korean speakers worldwide, there’s no doubt that your business must have a dedicated team of native speakers to accommodate all your clients’ concerns. Their skills can ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction that fuel your company’s success. While some Koreans can also communicate in English, most of them are still more comfortable with conversing using their own language.

When outsourcing to a call center, hiring a pool of agents who are masters in the language and culture is important. Here are four tips to find the right people to be part of your team:


1.     Outsource to a bilingual company


Partnering with an organization with highly skilled bilingual employees is one way to guarantee that your business won’t have downturns due to communication barriers. These people undergo rigorous training sessions to hone their communication and interpersonal skills, which are needed in handling Korean clients.


2.     Maximize online recruitment sites


Use job portals online to look for job seekers who match your criteria. Mentioning your specific requirements is a must so that applicants can first screen themselves if they’re qualified to apply for the position you’re offering. This also lessens your time for narrowing down the applications. Instead of starting the process by looking for applicants, you can skip that part and proceed immediately to filtering the applications.


3.     Coordinate with international schools


Working closely with trusted learning institutes that offer foreign language courses is an advantage to your business and students. The latter can use it as an opportunity to start their careers, while you maximize their skills and expertise in the language you require, particularly Korean. Also, coordinating with schools ensures you that you get only the best crop of potential agents to help your business grow.


4.     Tap expatriates and repatriates


Since the Philippines has the largest population of Korean expatriates in Southeast Asia, there’s a great opportunity to offer the native speakers a career in the country. In return, your company is assured that the frontliners are both well-versed and well-exposed to the Korean language and culture. Also, you can tap repatriates who’ve been immersed in their rich culture. This gives them the confidence to communicate well with your customers.


Getting the right people to be frontliners in your business is essential. This ensures your Korean customers that their concerns will be properly handled by people who can fluently speak and understand their native language. Do you have other suggestions on where you can tap qualified bilingual speakers?



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