Project management best practices for handling offshore call center teams

Entrusting your company’s customer support functions to a third-party service contact center can be difficult. Even more so for global companies whose options for outsourcing providers are mostly offshore call centers. With the challenges brought by the difference in geography, time zone, and local culture, companies fear that they might lose managerial control over their offshore functions.

We’ve listed a few project management best practices for running offshore call center teams to help you manage your remotely customer support team and monitor their progress.


1.     Outline a work plan


It’s beneficial to prepare a written plan that contains your expectations from the team, including projected goals and ways to improve their performance. As a business working with an outsourcing firm, you can send out an outline monthly, or quarterly – depending on what you think is best for the company, or comfortable for you as a business owner.


2.     Maintain regular communication


Keeping the lines of communication with your call center teams is crucial, whether they’re in-house or in another location. This can be done through email, phone calls and video conferences as often as needed.


3.     Track basic measures of your teams’ progress


Aside from the regular virtual meetings, project management tools are essential in monitoring your team’s progress. Here, you’d be able to make overall analyses about your campaign’s trajectory and whether they’re hitting quotas and service quality requirements. You would also be able see areas of concern that needs to be improved, letting you promptly make adjustments.


4.     Establish rapport


It’s also good to make friends with people handling your outsourced campaigns. Keep them informed about the progress of your business, and make them feel that they’re part of the success of your business. This greatly helps in motivating every team player, keep them focused on achieving their objectives, and strengthens your partnership.



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