Why bilingual call centers must choose their agents carefully

Bilingual call centers must have all applicants undergo a rigorous pre-employment screening process, even if their resumes seem impressive. This ensures that an applicant meets the technical skills needed for a job. Ideally, your pre-hiring procedures must include interviews and written tests aimed to accurately evaluate specific customer service skill sets. This way, you can identify the applicants that will be a good fit for your vacant roles.

In addition to this, here are four reasons why bilingual call centers must implement strict screening protocols for prospective agents.


1.     You cannot rely on a resume alone.

eager job applicant holding resume in folder

Anyone can claim that they’re armed with the skill set required for a customer service job. If an applicant has a background in customer support, this might be true. However, bilingual support providers set different qualifications for their employees, compared with monolingual contact centers. For instance, agents must be able to fluently speak and write in two or more languages. They must also have a knack for solving complex problems and understanding customers’ needs. All these must be properly assessed so you can build a high-performing team.


2.     Identify areas for improvement.

business team in meeting with supervisor

Naturally, your employees’ competency levels will vary, depending on their unique strengths, weaknesses, and professional backgrounds. However, pre-hiring assessments can clue contact centers in about the aspects an agent needs to work on. Thus, you can tailor your training programs to meet the needs of your employees. This will let you create a well-rounded team that can handle a variety of tasks.


3.     Assess applicants’ communication and lingual skills.

job applicant speaking to human resources staff in interview

For this, you’d likely need to administer a combination of written and practical tests. An agent’s bilingual or multilingual abilities don’t automatically equate to effective communication skills. A rigorous pre-employment screening assessment will allow you to accurately evaluate an agent’s full range of skills.


4.     Hire for cultural awareness.

office employee looking away daydreaming

To build high-quality customer relationships, agents must not only be skilled in languages. They must also be culturally aware. Understanding the culture, tradition, and practices of clients will allow agents to communicate clearly with them. However, not every agent will have developed this kind of knowledge. Thus, you also need to assess your prospective agents based on this criterion. This will enable you to build a team that understands your customers’ needs and preferences.



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