Korean Call Center - Services Page


Korean Call Center provides voice and non-voice outsourcing solutions to international companies that cater to Korean-speaking customers. Our call center support solutions are delivered using these mediums: phone, email, and live chat.


Customer Service – Our call center understands the unique needs of your diverse customer base, especially your Korean-speaking customers. No matter which industry you belong to, having a language-specific customer support channel can improve customer satisfaction greatly and help you gain more loyal customers.

Technical Support – Product-related concerns can be very complicated to resolve, especially if language barriers prevent the technical support agents from explaining the procedures to your customers. Outsourcing to Korean Call Center allows you to have a pool of highly proficient agents who can resolve customer issues efficiently.


E-mail – Providing assistance through email is a good way to multichannel your customer service and offer more options to your customers. This classic platform allows customer to get comprehensive instructions in written text. As a result, they get to full understand procedures and save the mail for future references.

Live Chat – Give your customers access to real-time support by having chat support representatives ready to guide them. Instant messaging can be an indispensable tool in securing sales especially if you own an e-commerce website. Outsource Korean live chat support and see how it can generate more conversions for you.